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i made this yesterday.

Show me Yours, and I'll show you Mine

This is some of my new shit. What are you all up to?

Wednesday, October 28

Leg Video

This video explores my legs as both subject and object- having both narrative and structural qualities. Click here to watch the video

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the video gets good at 3:08

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Performance art at the whitney!

so i guess it is not just the art center of sarasota that feels that they need to be "hip" with the times. this guy is kinda interesting, i would like to know what you think. i am kinda weirded out by the fact that he was chosen as the first performance artist in residence.

Wednesday, April 22

dude, where's my me?

I don't really know. Sorry I haven't been posting. New York and shit. It's going to be a very visual summer. Working for Petah Coyne, visiting galleries and museums in the city, creating a portfolio for grad school since art school has been calling to me from beyond the grave, telling me I'll regret it forever if I don't go. The thing about New York City is that nobody really cares what you do as long as you're doing it well. So I've decided that this summer I'm going to engage in an experiment, because the city is a perfect control group. Basically, I intend to go out in public in full drag, with different personas and different kinds of masculinity, dress, and assumptions. I'm not really sure what the conclusion of this experiment is supposed to be but I'm sure I'll find it out somewhere along the way. Apparently I've become a sculptor while nobody was looking, which is kind of fun. Nash, I have a million things to tell you about fiber arts. Oh yes.

Tuesday, April 21


can we engage in one? i'd like to think about organizing an art show. i've given up on the uhaul cause i don't want us to have to rent a generator. however, i have not given up on you. i'm interested in projecting videos onto walls throughout the new college campus. i'm interested in a room filled with confetti and box fans. get it? i'm interested in a textile piece that i need everyones help with. what are you making (not for class) that you need help with? let me know/ i'm here for you.

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so i am pretty sure someone must have introduced me to this back in the day, but they are now featured on ubu, so that is how i came across this stuff just now. hope you like it rtri.

Sunday, March 1

OPEN - Art Festival

Hey RTRI, I'm trying to pull together some kind of art festival that is reminiscent of "Under the Radar" that happened a few years back. It's going to be on April 5th in Sudakoff. It's in conjunction with Culture Fest, Art for Charity, and probably a few other things. There will be an entire Art Exhibition (OPEN) dedicated to art from people (New College, Ringling, anyone in the community). 2-D, 3-D, Installation, Video, performance if you wanted it. There will also be bands playing all day in front of Ham Center. I wanted to know if any of you sandbutlers would like to be in it/ do you guys want a spot for RTRI in the show? Wanted to give you all and extra heads up. Submission deadline is March 13th. Let me know if you want to put stuff in or if you have/know of bands that would like to play.

Tuesday, February 17

lets have an art show!

so nash and i have been hashing shit out and we think may 8 and 9 we should rent a uhaul and have a traveling show! included in the uhaul will be lots of things we make as well as possible videos and performance. get yer shit together, K? lets have a meeting soon, at mine and sarah's new house! maybe monday after printmaking class?

Monday, February 9


hey jared hey jessica hey david hey kim hey lauren hey sarah

Saturday, February 7

RTRI, im waiting by the phone

but it never rings. you disappoint me, RTRI. sometimes i think there is such hope in our future. but lately, you have been giving me the cold shoulder. i thought you liked me. i thought we had good times. and what about all that great sex? iknowiknowiknow, it takes two to make it and break it. but right now, i cant give as much as i used to. so can you pick up the extra weight? i am counting on you sweet RTRI. i know you have it in you. just give a little, and i will give back. maybe some plans for a show? hell, i would accept even a drunken get together with you. i will take that. i will take anything. just giveittome RTRI. i promise lovin' right back. so whaddya say? it is almost valentine's day baby. gimme something good.

Monday, January 26

Pablo Picasso

I had to...  you're welcome.  

Sunday, January 18

Table 2

This reminded me of Jessica & Sarah's performance at Yearn.  
A response to a response to a response to be respondent.   
And Rosemarie Trockel is where "it" be at.

Friday, January 16

Czech the EU

oh gosh. and I'm a jerk in critique.

Tuesday, January 6

thesis research

also this link

Saturday, January 3

nash is on my mind

from the book intimate distance "in K, 1989, the artist appears to expel a long string of viscera from her mouth which she then knits with her arms into a dress which hangs down in front of her naked body. but, rather than suggesting a violent disembowelling, the film offers a meditation on the interiority of the body and the irrational fears it engenders. the disgust and horror we might feel at innards revealed is converted into a recognition of beauty, even of domesticity, as she slowly her body's visceral covering. it is difficult to find the film, i just found an excerpt, not even ubu was carrying it. but nonetheless, i was thinking rtri upon exploring this artist.

Monday, December 29


also, check out in general

Friday, December 26


let's put on another show
something small
something manageable
[impt.] something for us
showup at my house for a drink
m∆ke eh h∆ppen.

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i am privilege

i wondered, just now, why am i spending time writing a paper on making things when i could be making more things?

Thursday, December 4

hey this was cool

so why dont we do this?

Monday, November 24

E_MERGE_N_C meeting

alexis sent me a package which i have to distribute the contents of at a gathering of all of us, so, we need to get together before xmass break to see what she sent us from her travels. how does next week sound?

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our space has been lost in the waves of formal- institutional- climbing to the top- busy-busy-busy bullshit. we need to reclaim our special connections, we need to fuse our creativity once more. RTRI WE MUST MEET MORE. RTRI WE MUST MAKE THINGS. RTRI WE MUST FUCK SHIT UP/EACH OTHER AGAIN if you are in agreement with this, respond here. what do you need more of from each of us? what do you need more of yourself? TIME PLACE DATE NOW. let us not get caught up in the excuses we give ourselves on a daily basis as to why we are not doing. let us end our own tyranny to ourselves. let us be glittermashdemiterrorists!!!!!!

Saturday, November 1

russian futurism

specifically, watch the "movie" and avoid the "manifesto"

Wednesday, October 29


so i thought that i was really on top of things, until i began to take feminist theory. i think that i was stronger and more successful without it. is this what happens? when you get into this stuff? that you loose your agency and your confidence and yourself in the name for a particular kind of higher learning? i thought the point was to feel more empowered, feel more a sense of yourself, get to know yourself kinda thing. i am comfortable with myself, what i am uncomfortable with is other women telling me I shouldnt comfortable with myself be for a lot of reasons, and that i am, in fact, better off in this knowledge of reactionary anger that they give me. well i say fuck you feminist theory: you have made me a walking mind fuck and loose aspects in my life. (******space*******) so i am doing this project where i write something over and over and over (big surprise huh?) on a large scroll that probably cannot be hung up on the wall because it will be so big, and i will unveil it during a show. oh i know what it references, but for me the catharsis of the event lies not in how it is reacting to something grandeur and universal, but how it can be purged from my body by making it public and physical. and i love you.

Tuesday, October 7

i wanna look into yer soul

loves, i'm working on a project right now where i need the time you were born and the location. long story short

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Maybe one day I'LL BE SOL LEWITT. Or Phong Bui.

Phong Bui, Hybrid Carnival for St. Exupery, 2005:
Sol Lewitt:

Tuesday, September 2


i have just been formally introduced to existentialism. woopsy- daisy. a bunch of little worms to form one bigworm.

Sunday, August 31

erotic asphyxiation

hey guys. i love you. just thought you should know.

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green porno

so nash showed this to me last night. also this:

Wednesday, August 6

completely naked

british group who does interactive art.

Friday, July 25


Body & Mind. Apparently they think that what makes their nude photos of women "more beautiful" than others is that they have moral value...."nudes with a wholesome twist", as they say. Their philosophy of feminine beauty, or "super beauty" (again, their words), basically says that female beauty is a literal representation of our values. And, as the founder claims, "When female beauty is attacked, it is by twisted monsters bent on destroying all human values, the things female beauty represents to all of us." DISCUSS PLZ

Daddy and I

O Zhang, photographs adopted Chinese daughters and their Western fathers. Meant to bring up issues of interracial gender roles in the family, but every time I see these pictures all I see are precursors to child porn...but I probably wouldn't feel that way if the images were of a Chinese father with his Chinese daughter, or a white father with a white daughter. At the same time, though, I feel like a lot of these images are set up to make them look a little sexual, or at least possessive. Father-daughter relationships are hard to portray without some element of creepiness.

Saturday, July 19

Eating: Coldstone cheesecake ice cream with graham cracker pie crust Crying because: Fuck you, Batman!!

Saturday, July 5

independence day

i spoke to you in the shower today but i got no response. i miss you. where are you guys?

Sunday, June 29

i just made a video. for the art show. and i need to edit it. but i am having a hard time watching it. big surprise, huh?

Tuesday, June 24

birds birds birds

this came from my latest crackpot tattoo idea: bear walking on my shoulder, head facing away from my spine. puffin in flight behind bear, sparrow in front of bear and various other birds of that type to wrap around my shoulder and arm. so i came across this blog. and it is awesome. enjoy!

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this rules

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(beat beat beat beat) forever ago...

so i would like to propose an idea. i think we should have another art show toward the beginning of the school year. i think that the students who know us will attend and i think it would give incoming students a chance to see how new college projects can be awesome. blah blah blah. everyone knows the reasons why an art show at the top of the year is good. anyhow, i think we should all be working on stuff this summer for it. if we want to put on a show. for example, i am compiling stuff for a video (though i dont know if it will be done by then), some 2D pieces and some performances; maybe an installation. i think it would also be interesting to do some kind of cataloging. for example, i have been drinking about four to five times a week. (whether that be two beers or eight, it doesnt matter)and i have been thinking about saving them and altering them somehow, maybe all one color with a label on time and date. the same thing for cigarettes. i know ive been smoking more now because i dont have to be in class, ect. saving those boxes. how many did i go through over the course of the summer? by seeing that all there at once, how will that affect my view on my personal habits, etc. hell, even masturbating or counting the number of times i check my facebook: some kind of habit catalog. ok. so i think it would be neat to see if you guys started that too. maybe we could construct an entire room out of these cataloged habits from the summer. lemme know what you guys think about that stuff: the beggining of the year art show, if we should be working on stuff for it, and if each of us should be cataloging something about our summers. ok i love you!

Saturday, June 7

this is exciting, even if nobody participates.

Wednesday, June 4

on standby

Well, I've missed my flight to Texas & the Homeland Security Warning is orange.
The news is on. A woman took 2 of her 7 kids with her to sell heroin. No babysitter.
This is stupid. This terminal is under construction. Yep. Cloudy skies over Boston Deana.
There's a guy in a hardhat looking worried at some blueprints. A tornado killed 7 people and destroyed a bank and Ed McMan may lose his Beverly Hills home. And the drop out ceiling is missing. Ducts.
I wonder what Jill Scott is up to. Singing probably.
Nash. What's the first book we're reading? Maybe I can buy it at the News & Gifts.
"Five years ago we stayed in Miami for 3 days and it rained every day." "Oh...."
A guy just walked right in front of me and pulled a Starbucks cup out of a deep trashcan. How'd he know it was there? He's drinkin' it.
Fewer planes means fewer seats for us. 18% domestic cuts.
Happy birthday to Angelina Jolie and Dr. Ruth.

Monday, June 2

this guy

so i was bored and looking around port performance website and i thought about how performance art maybe differs from other performance because of the consideration of visual reiments and overall aesthetic quality that can compare more to sculpture or painting than it can set design, costume design, or general conventional theatrics. (yes, i know we have covered this topic extensively) but i am still interested in finding examples of this difference. i think this guy does that. moreover, i think port performance stuff does that too or, at least, that seemed to be the case for the students who participated in the berlin show last year. anyhow, i think this is good to look at, and for me, a way to continue to explore how performance can be all sorts of things, and that it doesnt have to remain in the realm of, or reaction to, conventional theatre. if you are bored or wanna look at stuff, look at this and tell me what you think. love you babies!

Wednesday, May 28

I like to look at what other artists are making. I don't get any of this. and that's a weird feeling- feeling good about that. and I'm not posting this to bash Steve McLaughlin, whoever he is.
except some of his ideas are cool. and some of his pictures are cool.

get off the stick and get a ring

Thursday, May 22

david bennett

David Bennett is really strange. I think he lives in his head and comes out of it every now and again when he has to in order to interact with others. But even when he does that, I wonder how much he still remains inside David’s world, the place that is swirling and visual and funny. So when David does a performance, sometimes it is well thought out, like his Vivisexing project, other times it is completely made up and he is phoning it in, an example of this is when he crawled to the side of the couch in the study room and tried to push the couch with his legs to the other side of the room. Granted, we all liked it, but we knew he just came up with the performance a few seconds before he did it. And maybe that is ok. I think david’s sometimes haphazard way of performance is a good balance for those of us who take it really seriously. David reminds us that there are really silly and dry things about this medium of expression, and that in doing so, it reflects life. David also really likes parties. He loves going to and throwing them. He makes some of the best posters for a dumb Friday night party that I have ever seen. Some of us think that the last art show was shit, but David really liked it because of how it made people feel and he likes to entertain. As a matter of fact, I am on board with him on making a alternative space tutorial in order to find more places for art parties. I think that when David approaches performance, he considers the party. He likes to feel a kind of satisfaction in everything that he does, even if his projects look like they lack a sense of satisfaction, like his Vivisexing performance. A strange kind of satisfaction happened between the two characters, even though they were sad. David Bennet loves music as well. I think that he sees words as lyrics and motions as sound. For one performance, he played music, and at the art show, he developed that idea further. He likes ambient sound that swells and repeats. I think that his newer performances will most definitely include this concept. David’s performances, like his 2D work reflect a kind of inner world that he sometimes gives us access to, like when he repeated the phrase “tiny horses” for an entire class. We didnt know where that came from, but he was so amused by something about that phrase or image the phrase made that he just repeated it. His music is personal and internal too, he never engages the audience. And even his video for this semester was about something only he was going to look at. All this internal world stuff makes David and interesting fellow. People are drawn to him and this shtick, he doesn’t disappoint either; I still cant figure him out and I am around him a lot


For this video project I wanted to explore a few different concepts. The most obvious being western, but I also wanted to simply begin to understand the medium of film making as well as attempt to undo myself in icon form. I will begin by discussing how this film project reflects “western” themes and then move on to the other concepts involved. My designated week for mod two was western theme. Fo r this, I decided to divide the theme into two major ideas. The first idea was based on a type of “Hero With A Thousand Faces” narrative in which the ‘lone ranger’ was one that the western film highlighted, but was prevalent in much of American culture. The second idea was the icon of the western: the masculine form, the gun, and the justice. The two, I think, coincide, but I wanted for us to look at films with those ideas in mind. How does Kill Bill reflect these concepts just as much as Outlaw Josie Wales? When is the image stronger than the narrative, or how do we apply the cowboy idea to “heros” in the local paper? With that in mind, I wanted to make a performance where I “killed” myself. I had a face off with myself and lost. But my issue with this was whether or not the physical me should die or the video me. Each ending had merit and each ending could reflect that western showdown, but the good guy should always win, and here, that line was faint, if not nonexistent. I liked that conflict, but once I did the performance, I thought about how there could be all these outcomes, all these chances because I could fluctuate between good and bad. For the western, I think, that dichotomy must exist I could become good or bad based on the way I handled the gesture of pulling the gun out. And that is where the idea for a longer video came into play. For the video, and like a few performances I have done, I wanted to dissect and explore the various ways one gesture can shift and change. So I pulled the gun out a lot in front of the camera and played with how that movement can grow and imply a number of things. Here, I think I definitely covered the icon component of westerns, while at the same time, responding to other video and performance artists. I think that this project was similar to Hannah Wilke’s videos, such as her film Gestures and So Help Me Hannah. My piece is similar to Gestures in that I attempt to explore/ exploit a single movement over and over, confronting the camera and engaging the viewer. In So Help Me Hannah, Wilke walks around the city naked with a gun, implying gender roles and the power of the gun, I think my video is similar in that I reference the image of female with phallus, but I try to negate a completely female form by only showing myself from the shoulders up, clothed. I wanted to create a kind of narrative using the clips I gathered. The first chapter was confrontation, in which I stare down the opponent. The second chapter was preparation, getting ready to duel, to kill, to defend. The third chapter was posing, an homage to characters like Travis Bickle; funny and strange and threatening. The fourth chapter was shooting. The fifth chapter was recognition, and this came as either satisfaction or fear or guilt. The sixth chapter returned to the first, only now it was confronting the action, unsure whether or not the action was good or bad. I think the result was a myriad of forms, pictures, and gestures that derived from one iconic image. I like that. However, I am still interested in how that can be interactive. How can I shoot myself in video or live that can create a dynamic narrative? How can I be more selective in my clips so that the powerful images really stand out? I do not want to copy those clips from films directly. I don’t feel like I need to. My audience knows those images so well that I only need to reference them. However, I think there are editing choices I could have made that would be more cohesive, such as how my sepia and black and white are used. This is a work in progress for me, and I want to see how this vast idea can become tighter and more effective.

Friday, May 9


i want to go back to reading. organizing rules, but i am glad the heyday of "corridoors" is over. but, a few notes, i think that though we could have condensed the space a bit more, meaning, to make all art fit into those cramped space, the show was visually alright. people engaged with the show as a kind of treasure map, and i think nash and kim's installations really aided that idea. people saw the space differently, but i dont think we transformed it in any way. also, fuck new college, i am definitely on board for a kind of alt space for art shows. lets think about that possible tutorial for fall... ok so the performances: nash and alexis' i think was very successful. a large enough crowd gathered and, since they had the experience, i think that it ran smoothly as well. kim and melenie's cigarette piece was also good, again, drawing a small crowd but maintaining a very clear performance structure. i think jared's piece was a nice progression from the last performance, but it still lacked the sense of control that the performance ultimately revolves around. visually it was also nice, however, i am unsure about how jared wanted to deal with the material he presented. i think that when you isolate something like porn, there are a lot of implications at play, especially when said porn is connected to a body and sex. my piece needs some work. i was happy with my installation. i might finally put that little treasure to rest. ok, it is 4 am and clearly i have not assimilated back to non-art show hours, so i am going to try to sleep now, and get excited about new things tomorrow.

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Tuesday, May 6

today i

watched a polish movie, saved a baby bird, did a headstand, mushed gak-like clay onto my chest, made a sign for bongs, and fell in love with a western themed radio show. it certainly has been a bowl of oranges kinda day.

Monday, April 28

consistently impressed by liars

this projection thing is getting pretty big check out the snowden video "like bullets" for more

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color construction

video video videobaby

building a pavilion

I think this is worth your time.

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Cinema of Transgression

Cinema of Transgression Manifesto by Nick Zedd We who have violated the laws, commands and duties of the avant-garde; i.e. to bore, tranquilize and obfuscate through a fluke process dictated by practical convenience stand guilty as charged. We openly renounce and reject the entrenched academic snobbery which erected a monument to laziness known as structuralism and proceeded to lock out those filmmakers who possesed the vision to see through this charade. We refuse to take their easy approach to cinematic creativity; an approach which ruined the underground of the sixties when the scourge of the film school took over. Legitimising every mindless manifestation of sloppy movie making undertaken by a generation of misled film students, the dreary media arts centres and geriatic cinema critics have totally ignored the exhilarating accomplishments of those in our rank - such underground invisibles as Zedd, Kern, Turner, Klemann, DeLanda, Eros and Mare, and DirectArt Ltd, a new generation of filmmakers daring to rip out of the stifling straight jackets of film theory in a direct attack on every value system known to man. We propose that all film schools be blown up and all boring films never be made again. We propose that a sense of humour is an essential element discarded by the doddering academics and further, that any film which doesn’t shock isn’t worth looking at. All values must be challenged. Nothing is sacred. Everything must be questioned and reassessed in order to free our minds from the faith of tradition.Intellectual growth demands that risks be taken and changes occur in political, sexual and aesthetic alignments no matter who disapproves. We propose to go beyond all limits set or prescribed by taste, morality or any other traditional value system shackling the minds of men. We pass beyond and go over boundaries of millimeters, screens and projectors to a state of expanded cinema. We violate the command and law that we bore audiences to death in rituals of circumlocution and propose to break all the taboos of our age by sinning as much as possible. There will be blood, shame, pain and ecstasy, the likes of which no one has yet imagined. None shall emerge unscathed. Since there is no afterlife, the only hell is the hell of praying, obeying laws, and debasing yourself before authority figures, the only heaven is the heaven of sin, being rebellious, having fun, fucking, learning new things and breaking as many rules as you can. This act of courage is known as transgression. We propose transformation through transgression - to convert, transfigure and transmute into a higher plane of existence in order to approach freedom in a world full of unknowing slaves. go to ubu and watch their movie "mommy mommy where's my brain?"

who knew: Banksy's pretty cool (click here)

Tuesday, April 15


Thanks again Nash. I hope your car is fixed.